Occupational dermatosis among sanders in the furniture industry.

  title={Occupational dermatosis among sanders in the furniture industry.},
  author={Siok Lin Gan and Chee Leok Goh and Corry L. Lee and Kenneth Siu Hung Hui},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={17 4},
The prevalence of occupational skin disease was found to be 3.8% in a study of 479 sanders in the furniture-making industry in Singapore. 17 species of wood imported from South East Asia were used. The most common dermatoses from wood dust were pruritus (1.6%), irritant contact dermatitis (1.6%) and xerosis (1.4%). 2 sanders had miliaria. None had allergic contact dermatitis from wood dust. The arms and trunk were the most common site for pruritus and dermatitis from wood dust. It appeared that… CONTINUE READING