[Occupational dermatoses of workers in a detergent factory].


133 female and 34 male workers of a detergents factory were subdivided into 3 groups according to the pathological state of their skin. The 129 persons of the first group showed slight disorders of the skin of their hands and forearms, the 31 subjects in the second group were free from skin disorders while the 7 persons of the third group showed eczematous symptoms. Patch tests were performed in these subjects using the following allergens: potassium dichromate, nickel sulfate, cobaltous chloride, formaline and paraphenylenediamine. Moreover, patch tests and wetting tests were carried out using the detergent powder manufactured in the factory. The results were mostly negative. In 66 cases of skin disorders, functional tests were performed that revealed disturbances of the barrier function of the skin (diminution of the alkali resistance by 62.2%, prolongation of the neutralization time by 75.6%, increase of the permeability by 33.2%). In 81.5% of the workers, a dermatosis due to overstrain was diagnosed.

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