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Occupational Safety and Health in Developing Countries. Review of strategies, case studies and a bibliography

  title={Occupational Safety and Health in Developing Countries. Review of strategies, case studies and a bibliography},
  author={C. Hogstedt and B. Pieris},
Physical environmental and occupational factors inducing work-related neck and shoulder pains among self-employed tailors of informal sectors in Ethiopia, 2019: results from a community based cross-sectional study
Work-related neck and/or shoulder pain induced by physical factors of the work environment among self-employed tailors is pervasive in Ethiopia and efforts to curb the condition need to impalement diverse approaches addressing the physical environment and occupational factors. Expand
Implications of Indonesian Occupational Safety and Health Management System Award to the Safety Culture
An increase in work accident rates by 20% at the end of 2017 ironically accompanies the increasing number of awardee OSHMS certification in Indonesia. This paper aimed to analyze the policy of OSHMSExpand
Determinants of Knowledge and Safety Practices of Occupational Hazards of Textile Dye Workers in Sokoto, Nigeria: A Descriptive Analytic Study
Although the respondents had good knowledge and positive attitude, their lack of observance of safety practices brings to fore the need for direct safety instruction and training and retraining of textile dye workers on workplace hazards and safety practices. Expand
Determinants of Safe Organizational Climate and its Impact on Employee Performance: A Case of Marble Industries Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
The purpose of this research paper was to discover different problems and disseminate solutions for creating a safety climate in an organization by minimizing accidents at the workplace throughExpand
Awareness and Need for Knowledge of Health and Safety among Dairy Farmers Interviewed in Uganda
The level of knowledge and awareness of agricultural health and safety risks, disease, and injury prevention among the Ugandan dairy farmers interviewed was low. Expand
Prevalence and determinants of work related injuries among small and medium scale industry workers in Bahir Dar Town, north west Ethiopia
There was a high prevalence of work related injuries among small and medium scale industrial workers in Bahir Dar town, northwest Ethiopia and sex, monthly salary, age, work experience and use of personal protective equipment were found to be different in the small andmedium industries. Expand
Agricultural health in The Gambia II: A systematic survey of safety and injuries in production agriculture.
Cuts and lacerations were identified as the commonest injury types and the most common sources were hand tools (hand hoe, cutlass, axe and knife) and animal-powered carts. Expand
Safety Awareness in Informal Construction Sector: a Case Study of Nairobi City
This study is about safety awateness in the informal construction sector. Safety awareness as used in this study refers to a state of mind where one is constantly aware of the possibility of injuryExpand


Health and safety as a development resource. Key-note addresses to the 25th International Congress on Occupational Health. Stockholm, National Institute for Working Life
  • 1996
Guidance on work-related stress. Spice of life or kiss of death
  • 2000
Health Effects of the New Labour Market
Health-risk Perception in the Inner City Community of Centro Habana, Cuba
The greatest concern identified through out the municipality was housing conditions, highest in the neighborhood that had already begun to address this problem and was useful in planning targeted health promotion campaigns and prioritizing further interventions. Expand
Prevalence of Assault and Perception of Risk of Assault in Urban Public Service Employment Settings
The prevalence and correlates of physical assaults, threats of assault, and workers' perteptions of safety in selected urban employment settings in Los Angeles County are described. Expand
Risk Factors for Work-related Low Back Pain in the People's Republic of China
  • K. Jin, G. Sorock, +4 authors L. Ge
  • Medicine
  • International journal of occupational and environmental health
  • 2000
It is suggested that three physical risk factors, all well known in the international literature, are associated with the prevalence of low back pain in the People's Republic of China. Expand
Safety Climate and Its Association with Injuries and Safety Practices in Public Hospitals in Costa Rica
The safety climate within the national hospital system in Costa Rica was found to be very poor, and the two most significant predictors of safety climate were training and administrative support for safety. Expand
“ Sullivanstyle ” Principles for Occupational Health : Corporate Commitment to First - world Standards in Third - world Countries
  • 2000
Across the water and down the ladder: occupational health in the global economy.
  • H. Frumkin
  • Business, Medicine
  • Occupational medicine
  • 1999
The political economy of occupational health in developing nations by reference to multinational companies, freetrade zones, free trade agreements, and the export of hazards is discussed. Expand
Approaches to addressing occupational and environmental health needs in Mexico.
  • J. Froines, R. Barile
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International journal of occupational and environmental health
  • 1999
The University of California, Los Angeles, has somewhat shifted the focus of its Fogarty program, taking a four-pronged approach: conducting high-level collaborative scientific research with MexicanExpand