Occupation Times of General Lévy Processes

  title={Occupation Times of General L{\'e}vy Processes},
  author={Lan Wu and Jiang Zhou and Shuang Yu},
  journal={Journal of Theoretical Probability},
For an arbitrary Lévy process X which is not a compound Poisson process, we are interested in its occupation times. We use a quite novel and useful approach to derive formulas for the Laplace transform of the joint distribution of X and its occupation times. Our formulas are compact, and more importantly, the forms of the formulas clearly demonstrate the essential quantities for the calculation of occupation times of X. It is believed that our results are important not only for the study of… 
Occupation times of Lévy processes
In this paper, we give a complete and succinct proof that an explicit formula for the occupation time holds for all Lévy processes, which is important to the pricing problems of various
Occupation times of alternating renewal processes with Lévy applications
A central limit theorem is established (entailing that a centered and normalized version of α(t)∕t converges to a zero-mean normal random variable as t→∞) and the tail asymptotics of ℙ(α( t)√t≥q) are established.
On weighted occupation times for refracted spectrally negative Lévy processes
  • B. Li, Xiaowen Zhou
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  • 2018
Abstract For refracted spectrally negative Levy processes, we identify expressions for several quantities related to the Laplace transforms of their weighted occupation times until first exit times.
Alternative approach to derive q-potential measures of refracted spectrally L\'evy processes
For a refracted L\'evy process driven by a spectrally negative L\'evy process, we use a different approach to derive expressions for its q-potential measures without killing. Unlike previous methods


In this paper, we compute the Laplace transform of occupation times (of the negative half-line) of spectrally negative Levy processes. Our results are extensions of known results for standard
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In this paper, we identify Laplace transforms of occupation times of intervals until first passage times for spectrally negative Levy processes. New analytical identities for scale functions are
On the distribution of exponential functionals for Lévy processes with jumps of rational transform
Abstract We derive explicit formulas for the Mellin transform and the distribution of the exponential functional for Levy processes with rational Laplace exponent. This extends recent results by Cai
Joint distribution of a spectrally negative Lévy process and its occupation time, with step option pricing in view
Abstract We study the distribution Ex[exp(-q∫0t1(a,b)(Xs)ds); Xt ∈ dy], where -∞ ≤ a < b < ∞, and where q, t > 0 and x ∈ R for a spectrally negative Lévy process X. More precisely, we identify the
Occupation times of hyper-exponential jump diffusion processes with application to price step options
A new approach is developed to derive analytical formulas for the Laplace transform of the joint distribution of a hyper-exponential jump diffusion process and its occupation times, which are then used to price step options.
Introductory Lectures on Fluctuations of Lévy Processes with Applications
Levy processes are the natural continuous-time analogue of random walks and form a rich class of stochastic processes around which a robust mathematical theory exists. Their mathematical significance
We show that the positive Wiener-Hopf factor of a Levy process with positive jumps having a rational Fourier transform is a rational function itself, expressed in terms of the parameters of the jump
Two-sided discounted potential measures for spectrally negative Lévy processes
For spectrally negative Levy processes, we find expressions of potential measures that are discounted by their joint occupation times over semi-infinite intervals (−∞,0) and (0,∞). These expressions
Wiener-Hopf Factorization for a Family of Lévy Processes Related to Theta Functions
In this paper we study the Wiener-Hopf factorization for a class of Lévy processes with double-sided jumps, characterized by the fact that the density of the Lévy measure is given by an infinite
Occupation Times of Jump-Diffusion Processes with Double Exponential Jumps and the Pricing of Options
Laplace transform-based analytical solutions to pricing problems of various occupation-time-related derivatives such as step options, corridor options, and quantile options under Kou's double exponential jump diffusion model are provided.