Occupant satisfaction in LEED and non-LEED certified buildings

  title={Occupant satisfaction in LEED and non-LEED certified buildings},
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Occupant satisfaction in LEED and BREEAM-certified office buildings

Green certification schemes, such as LEED in US and BREEAM in UK, are contributing to promote the sustainability agenda in the design and operation of office buildings. However, the role of rating

Indoor environmental quality and occupant satisfaction in green-certified buildings

ABSTRACT Green-building certification systems aim at improving the design and operation of buildings. However, few detailed studies have investigated whether a green rating leads to higher occupant

Do Green Buildings Have Superior Performance over Non-Certified Buildings? Occupants’ Perceptions of Strengths and Weaknesses in Office Buildings

The main objectives of green buildings are to improve their design and operation. Many studies have investigated whether green buildings lead to higher occupant satisfaction, yet with contradictory

Green Building Occupant Satisfaction: Evidence from the Australian Higher Education Sector

Universities spend billions of dollars on green buildings as a sustainability commitment. This research investigates occupant satisfaction with indoor environmental quality (IEQ), building design

A Post-occupancy Evaluation of Occupant Satisfaction in Green and Conventional Higher Educational Buildings

Post-occupancy evaluation (POE) is a method for measuring building performance in terms of meeting design intent, and identifying any gaps between actual and modelled performances in the of aspects

Indoor environmental quality, occupant satisfaction, and acute building‐related health symptoms in Green Mark‐certified compared with non‐certified office buildings

Positive association of green buildings with qualitatively and quantitatively measured performance of IEQ is offered, with statistically significant reduction in risk of occupants having headache, unusual fatigue, and irritated skin in green buildings.

Occupants' perceived importance and satisfaction with the indoor environmental quality of a green building

PurposeThis study examines occupants' satisfaction with the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of a green-certified building [The Green Star South Africa (SA) Building] in



Indoor Environmental Quality in LEED-Certified Buildings in the U.S.

Abstract The purpose of this study was to evaluate the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of workplaces in the LEED–certified buildings in the United States. LEED®, standing for the Leadership in

Indoor Environmental Quality Related to Occupant Satisfaction and Performance in LEED-certified Buildings

The purpose of this study was to identify whether the indoor environmental quality design criteria: office layout, office furnishing, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, and

Quantitative relationships between occupant satisfaction and satisfaction aspects of indoor environmental quality and building design.

Satisfaction with amount of space was ranked to be most important for workspace satisfaction, regardless of age group (below 30, 31-50 or over 50 years old), gender, type of office (single or shared offices, or cubicles), distance of workspace from a window, or satisfaction level with workspace (satisfied or dissatisfied).

Measuring indoor environmental quality: a web-based occupant satisfaction survey

High-performance green buildings are often promoted as offering higher quality, more productive environments for their occupants. Yet measuring how successful a building is at achieving this


Occupants remain a largely untapped source of information for facility managers interested in improving the performance of their buildings. An appropriate web-based environmental quality survey


A comparative post-occupancy evaluation, based on occupant surveys of 22 ‘green design intent’ buildings and 23 conventional buildings in Australia has been undertaken by Leaman, Thomas and

Satisfaction and self-estimated performance in relation to indoor environmental parameters and building features

Author(s): Wargocki, Pawel; Frontczak, Monika; Schiavon, Stefano; Goins, John; Arens, Ed; Zhang, Hui | Abstract: The paper examines how satisfaction with indoor environmental parameters and building

Occupant satisfaction with indoor environmental quality in green buildings

This paper summarizes the results of a large indoor environmental quality survey in office buildings, comparing green with non-green buildings. On average, occupants in green buildings were more