Occult cerebral vascular malformations: high-field MR imaging.

  title={Occult cerebral vascular malformations: high-field MR imaging.},
  author={John Moshe Gomori and Robert I. Grossman and Henry Goldberg and David B. Hackney and Robert A. Zimmerman and Larissa T. Bilaniuk},
  volume={158 3},
Occult cerebral vascular malformations (OCVMs) have characteristic appearances on high-field magnetic resonance (MR) images. These consist of circumscribed regions of low intensity, most prominent on T2-weighted images and representing hemosiderin deposits. Interspersed within most of these lesions are multiple areas of various signal intensity patterns, which correspond to hematomas in different stages of evolution and to fibrous regions containing calcium as well as hemosiderin. Forty-six… CONTINUE READING
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