Obstructive sleep apnoea can directly cause death.

  title={Obstructive sleep apnoea can directly cause death.},
  author={Sharon Pearce and Pam Saunders},
  volume={58 4},
A 52 year old woman was referred for investigation of daytime somnolence. She complained of heavy snoring, unrefreshing disturbed sleep, and had fallen asleep while driving. She had an Epworth score1 of 24/24, a history of hypertension controlled on losartan, had never smoked, and only took occasional alcohol. She had limited mobility as a result of her extreme obesity (168 kg) with a height of 1.58 m (BMI 67.3 kg/m2). Her chest was clinically clear (FEV1 1.8 l, FVC 2.3 l) and her … 
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