Obstructive sleep apnea, seizures, and childhood apraxia of speech.


Associations between obstructive sleep apnea and motor speech disorders in adults have been suggested, though little has been written about possible effects of sleep apnea on speech acquisition in children with motor speech disorders. This report details the medical and speech history of a nonverbal child with seizures and severe apraxia of speech. For 6… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.pediatrneurol.2008.03.002


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@article{Caspari2008ObstructiveSA, title={Obstructive sleep apnea, seizures, and childhood apraxia of speech.}, author={Susan S Caspari and Edythe A. Strand and Suresh Kotagal and Christina Et{\'e}n - Bergqvist}, journal={Pediatric neurology}, year={2008}, volume={38 6}, pages={422-5} }