Obstruction of the St. Jude Medical valve--diagnostic and therapeutic values of cineradiography.


Between 1984, and 1992, we observed 8 patients with an obstructed St. Jude Medical (SJM) valve. Of these, 1 had an obstructed SJM valve in the aortic position, 3 in the mitral position, and 4 in the tricuspid position. Diagnosis of obstruction of the SJM valve was made by cineradiography combined with echocardiography in all 8 patients. Restriction or absence of movement of the leaflet of the SJM valve was observed by cineradiography in all of the 8 patients. Normal range of leaflet mobility of the SJM valve was measured by conventional cineradiography in 70 patients with a normal SJM valve, and the results were compared with the leaflet mobility obtained from the 8 patients with an obstructed SJM valve. In this study, leaflet function in the obstructed SJM valve was strikingly abnormal, with both opening and closing angles, and leaflet motion clearly outside the normal range. Of the 8 patients, 4 underwent urgent prosthetic valve replacements after cineradiography and echocardiography were carried out. Thrombolysis using urokinase was performed in 4 patients, and this treatment was successful in 1 patient. Efficacy of thrombolytic therapy was evaluated by repeat cineradiography. Three of the 4 patients who received thrombolysis showed no significant improvement of leaflet mobility after at least 72 hours of thrombolytic therapy, and finally required surgical correction for the obstructed SJM valve. We believe that cineradiography combined with echocardiography is the optimal method for the diagnosis of obstruction of the SJM valve, and to follow the effect of thrombolytic therapy on prosthetic valve function.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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