Obstruction of pilus retraction stimulates bacterial surface sensing

  title={Obstruction of pilus retraction stimulates bacterial surface sensing},
  author={Courtney K Ellison and Jingbo Kan and Rebecca S. Dillard and David T Kysela and Adrien Ducret and Cecile Berne and Cheri M Hampton and Zunlong Ke and Elizabeth R Wright and Nicolas Biais and Ankur B Dalia and Yves V. Brun},
It is critical for bacteria to recognize surface contact and initiate physiological changes required for surface-associated lifestyles. Ubiquitous microbial appendages called pili are involved in sensing surfaces and facilitating downstream behaviors, but the mechanism by which pili mediate surface sensing has been unclear. We visualized Caulobacter crescentus pili undergoing dynamic cycles of extension and retraction. Within seconds of surface contact, these cycles ceased, which coincided with… CONTINUE READING


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