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Obstructing Lagrangian concordance for closures of 3-braids

  title={Obstructing Lagrangian concordance for closures of 3-braids},
  author={Angelina A. Wu},
. We show that any knot which is smoothly the closure of a 3-braid cannot be Lagrangian concordant to and from the maximum Thurston-Bennequin Legendrian unknot except the unknot itself. Our obstruction comes from drawing the Weinstein handlebody diagrams of particular symplectic fillings of cyclic branched double covers of knots in S 3 . We use the Legendrian contact homology differential graded algebra of the links in these diagrams to compute the symplectic homology of these fillings to derive a… 
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Doubly slice knots and obstruction to Lagrangian concordance

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