Obstetric care and proneness of offspring to suicide as adults: case-control study

  title={Obstetric care and proneness of offspring to suicide as adults: case-control study},
  author={Bertil Jacobson and M. Stellan Bygdeman},
  pages={1346 - 1349}
Abstract Objective: To investigate any long term effects of traumatic birth and obstetric procedures in relation to suicide by violent means in offspring as adults. Design: Prospective case-control study. Setting: Stockholm, Sweden. Subjects: 242 adults who committed suicide by violent means from 1978 to 1995, and who were born in one of seven hospitals in Stockholm during 1945-80, matched with 403 biological siblings born during the same period and at the same group of hospitals. Main outcome… 
Prenatal Origins of Suicide Mortality: A Prospective Cohort Study in the United States
Aims: Most suicide research focus on acute precipitants and is conducted in high-risk populations. Yet, vulnerability to suicide is likely established years prior to its occurrence. In this study, we
Prenatal origins of suicide mortality: A prospective cohort study in the United States
Most suicide research focuses on acute precipitants and is conducted in high-risk populations. Yet, vulnerability to suicide is likely established years prior to its occurrence. In this study, we
Maternal smoking during pregnancy and risks of suicidal acts in young offspring
It is concluded that the association between prenatal smoking exposure and offspring risk of suicidal acts is probably confounded by unmeasured familial factors.
Obstetric optimality and emotional problems and substance use in young adulthood.
This study demonstrated the use of an aggregated obstetrical optimality score in analysing the associations between early risk factors and emotional problems and substance use in young adulthood.
Gastric suction at birth associated with long-term risk for functional intestinal disorders in later life.
Noxious stimulation caused by gastric suction at birth may promote the development of long-term visceral hypersensitivity and cognitive hypervigilance, leading to an increased prevalence of functional intestinal disorders in later life.
Season of birth associated with the age and method of suicide
Data on all completed suicides during 1952--1993 in the county of Västerbotten in northern Sweden was analysed, regarding these birth seasons in relation to suicide method and sociodemographic variables to compatible with a hypothesis of season of birth variation in CSF monoamine metabolites.
Season of birth variations in suicide methods in relation to any history of psychiatric contacts support an independent suicidality trait.
Season of birth association for suicide methods is likely to be mediated by a suicidality trait independently of specific major psychiatric disorders, and monoamine neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin, are likely to underlie such a trait.
An unmatched case-control study of nearly lethal suicide attempts in Houston, Texas: research methods and measurements.
This methodology is well suited for studying rare outcomes such as nearly lethal suicide, and is designed to extend the understanding of suicidal behavior and prevention activities beyond identification and treatment of depression and other mental illnesses.
Violent suicide and obstetric complications
Both violent methods and asphyxiation by exhaust fumes are substantially more common in men (as are other types of violent behaviour), in whom hanging is now the most common method of self destruction.
Maternal postnatal depression: causes and consequences
  • Pauli Hiltunen
  • Medicine
    International journal of circumpolar health
  • 2003
A longitudinal follow-up study of postnatal depression was performed in the years 1995–2000 at the University of Oulu with a volunteer, ramdomly selected group of 187 mothers using different questionnaires in the first post-partum week.


Three specific risk factors were shown to have a powerful capacity to differentiate the suicides from the controls: respiratory distress for more than 1 h at birth; no antenatal care before 20 weeks of pregnancy; and chronic disease of the mother during pregnancy.
Perinatal origin of adult self‐destructive behavior
Results show that obstetric procedures should be carefully evaluated and possibly modified to prevent eventual self‐destructive behavior.
Opiate addiction in adult offspring through possible imprinting after obstetric treatment.
Retrospective study by logistic regression of opiate addicts with siblings as controls compatible with the imprinting hypothesis finds obstetric pain relief methods are preferable that do not permit substantial passage of drugs through the placenta.
Obstetric medication versus residential area as perinatal risk factors for subsequent adult drug addiction in offspring.
The variable residential area has not been able to explain the uneven distribution of births of drug abusers among the studied hospitals and can not explain fully a clustering of births at any particular hospital.
Mortality in heroin addiction: impact of methadone treatment
It is concluded that MT exerts a major improvement in the survival of heroin addicts, and even patients in MT showed a moderately elevated mortality, mainly due to diseases acquired before entering the treatment programme.
The distribution of Levin's measure of attributable risk
SUMMARY Some properties of the sample estimator of attributable risk A, defined here as the proportion of all cases of disease which may be attributed to a risk factor, are considered for the
Imprinting with visual flicker: Effects of testosterone cyclopentylpropionate
Abstract Three experiments are reported on the effects of a single injection of testosterone cyclopentylpropionate on the domestic chick's tendency to approach and stay near an intermittent light
Statistical methods in cancer research. Lyons: World Health Organisation
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer, Scientific Publication No
  • 1980