Obstetric Ultrasound and the Technological Mediation of Morality: A Postphenomenological Analysis

  title={Obstetric Ultrasound and the Technological Mediation of Morality: A Postphenomenological Analysis},
  author={Peter P.C.C. Verbeek},
  journal={Human Studies},
  • P. Verbeek
  • Published 22 January 2008
  • Philosophy
  • Human Studies
This article analyzes the moral relevance of technological artifacts and its possible role in ethical theory, by taking the postphenomenological approach that has developed around the work of Don Ihde into the domain of ethics. By elaborating a postphenomenological analysis of the mediating role of ultrasound in moral decisions about abortion, the article argues that technologies embody morality and help to constitute moral subjectivity. This technological mediation of the moral subject is… 

Moral implications of obstetric technologies for pregnancy and motherhood

  • S. Brauer
  • Medicine
    Medicine, health care, and philosophy
  • 2016
The aim of this article is to reconstruct how obstetric technologies contribute to a moral conception of pregnancy and motherhood, and to evaluate that conception from a normative point of view.

The technological mediation of morality: value dynamism, and the complex interaction between ethics and technology

In this dissertation, Olya Kudina investigates the complex interactions between ethics and technology. Center stage to this is the phenomenon of “value dynamism” that explores how technologies

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In this final chapter, a mediated posthumanist perspective that incorporates each of the important aspects of various approaches that have been discussed – the non-humanist basis of radical and

The Process of Pregnancy: Paradoxical Temporalities of Prenatal Entities

This article reflects on the particular temporal structure of pregnancies and prenatal entities and works out how practices of pregnancy and the production of meaning are shaped by an interwoven back and forth between orientations to the past, present and future.

Accounting for the Moral Significance of Technology: Revisiting the Case of Non-Medical Sex Selection

  • O. Kudina
  • Business
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
  • 2018
It is suggested that the technological mediation approach can be useful to ethically contextualize technologies and highlight the value of such considerations for the informed deliberation regarding their use, design and governance.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Baby? Phenomenology, Pregnancy, and the Ultrasound

The authors utilize Hans-Georg Gadamer’s hermeneutics to show how sonographers can frame the ultrasound in a way that acknowledges both the subjective knowledge of the mother and the objective data obtained by the sonographer through the use of technology.

From moral agents to moral factors: the structural ethics approach

It has become a popular position in the philosophy of technology to claim that some or all technological artifacts can qualify as moral agents. This position has been developed to account for the

The Rise of the Fetal Citizen

AbstractThe use of fetal sounds and imagery in the cultural and political struggles over abortion has expanded markedly in the past half century. Technologies like ultrasound have not only helped us

Beyond the skin bag: on the moral responsibility of extended agencies

  • F. Hanson
  • Philosophy
    Ethics and Information Technology
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The growing prominence of computers in contemporary life, often seemingly with minds of their own, invites rethinking the question of moral responsibility. If the moral responsibility for an act lies

And Lead Us (Not) into Persuasion…? Persuasive Technology and the Ethics of Communication

Ethical guidelines for the development and usage of persuasive technologies that can be derived from applying discourse ethics to this type of technologies are developed.



Foetal Images: The Power of Visual Technology in Antenatal Care and the Implications for Women's Reproductive Freedom

The analysis of ultrasound demonstrates how the visual technology of ultrasound is linked to the `personification' of the foetus and has therefore contributed to a new image ofthe foetus.

Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb?: Obstetric Ultrasound and the Abortion Rights Debate

It is argued that the ultrasound images do not offer transparent confirmation of the ontological status of the embryo and fetus and that the “window” of ultrasound is constructed through a complex combination of visual and verbal devices.

The morality of things. A postphenomenological inquiry.

Ethics appears to be at the eve of a new Copernican revolution. A few centuries ago, the Enlightenment, with Kant as its major representative, brought about a turnover hitherto unequaled by moving

Refusing Prenatal Diagnosis: The Meanings of Bioscience in a Multicultural World

  • R. Rapp
  • Medicine
    Science, technology & human values
  • 1998
The narratives of refusers reveal conflicts and tensions between the universalizing rationality of biomedical interventions into pregnancy and the wider heterogeneous social frame work to which women respond in their decision-making processes.

Baby's First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects

Lisa Mitchell provides a critical anthropological perspective on the fetal subject, particularly as it emerges through the practice of ultrasound imaging, and illuminates the links between this technologically mediated 'fetal reality' and the politics of gender and reproduction in Canada.

Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth

This is the first of three volumes collecting the most significant writings and interviews of Michel Foucault outside his published monographs. "Ethics" contains Foucault's summaries of the highly


It is suggested that although women and men are both advantaged by fetal ultrasonography, expectant fathers' experience of the fetus is always enhanced, whereas pregnant women's experience may also be attenuated.

Smoke-Filled Wombs and Fragile Fetuses: The Social Politics of Fetal Representation

  • L. Oaks
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2000
Cet article examine l'utilisation qui est faite aux Etats-Unis de l'image du foetus dans deux domaines apparemment distincts de la contestation sociale : l'education anti-tabac et l'activisme

Foucault, the art of ethics

Acknowledgements Abbreviations A Note on Citations and Sources Introduction Part One: 1. The Journey to Greece 2. Alcibiades Goes Wilde 3. The Style of Domination 4. The Ends of Ethics 5. Strange

Chasing Technoscience: Matrix for Materiality

Introduction Part One Don Ihde 1. Interview with Bruno Latour - Robert Crease, Don Ihde, Casper Bruun Jensen, and Evan Selinger 2. The Promises of Contructivism - Bruno Latour 3. Interview with Donna