Obsessive-compulsive disorder in a dermatology outpatient clinic.

  title={Obsessive-compulsive disorder in a dermatology outpatient clinic.},
  author={Mehmet Murat Demet and Artuner Deveci and E. Oryal Taskin and Aylin T{\"u}rel Ermertcan and Fatma Yurtsever and Filiz Deniz and Dilek Bayraktar and Serap Ozturkcan},
  journal={General hospital psychiatry},
  volume={27 6},
OBJECTIVE The aims of present study were to (a) to determine the prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in dermatological patients, (b) to determine the possible relationship between dermatological lesions and OCD and (c) to determine the clinical and phenomenological features of the OCD subgroup. METHOD The sample consisted of 166 out of 250 consecutively presenting dermatological patients who agreed to participate in the study. The subjects were assessed with the Structured… CONTINUE READING
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