Observing the Evolution of the Universe

  title={Observing the Evolution of the Universe},
  author={Amedeo Balbi and Dominic J. Benford and Mark Birkinshaw and Suchetana Chatterjee and Mark Devlin and Clive Dickinson and Matt Dobbs and Scott Dodelson and Olivier Dor{\'e} and Jessie L. Dotson and Joanna Dunkley and Maria Cristina Falvella and Dale J. Fixsen and Pablo Fosalba and Joseph F. Fowler and Evalyn I. Gates and Sunil Ramanlal Golwala and Krzysztof Gorski and Alessandro Gruppuso and Gary Hinshaw and Christopher M. Hirata and Eric Hivon and Warren A Holmes},
Co-signers in support of the science: James Aguirre, Alexandre Amblard, Amjad Ashoorioon, Carlo Baccigalupi, Amedeo Balbi, James Bartlett, Nicola Bartolo, Dominic Benford, Mark Birkinshaw, Jamie Bock, Dick Bond, Julian Borrill, Franois Bouchet, Michael Bridges, Emory Bunn, Erminia Calabrese, Christopher Cantalupo, Ana Caramete, Carmelita Carbone, Suchetana Chatterjee, Sarah Church, David Chuss, Carlo Contaldi, Asantha Cooray, Sudeep Das, Francesco De Bernardis, Paolo De Bernardis, Gianfranco De… CONTINUE READING