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Observations on the subfamily Aetholaiminae Jairajpuri, 1965 (Nygolaimidae Nematoda)

  title={Observations on the subfamily Aetholaiminae Jairajpuri, 1965 (Nygolaimidae Nematoda)},
  author={August Coomans and P.A.A. Loof},
Mylocliscus nanus Thorne, 1939 is redescribed from specimens collected in the State of Bahia, Brazil. It has an axial odontostyle and therefore does not belong with Aetholaimus Williams, 1962 to the Nygolaimidae, subfamily Aetholaiminae. The abrupt esophageal expansion, location of dorsal esophageal gland orifice, and presence of oval organs in the lateral chord indicate that it be- longs to Discolaimidae. Donjlaimus rotundicauda de Man, 1880, currently placed under Carcharo- laimus Thorne… Expand
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