[Observations on the mutagenic power of hycanthone in mammals].


Male mice from the C57Bl strain were given 150 mg/kg of hycanthone, an antischistosomial drug. Spermatocytes derived from the treated spermatogonia as well as the spermatocytes from the F1 male offspring sired the first three weeks after treatment were examined for the presence of chromosome rearrangements. Since no reciprocal translocation was recorded, it is concluded that treatment with hycanthone is not susceptible to produce transmissible chromosome anomalies in male mammalian germ cells.

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@article{Leonard1976ObservationsOT, title={[Observations on the mutagenic power of hycanthone in mammals].}, author={Aidan Leonard and Elizabeth Dermody Leonard}, journal={Comptes rendus des séances de la Société de biologie et de ses filiales}, year={1976}, volume={170 4}, pages={916-8} }