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Observations on some Tasmanian fishes, with descriptionsof new species.

  title={Observations on some Tasmanian fishes, with descriptionsof new species.},
  author={E. O. G. Scott},
The present paper deals with material that has come under observation in the course of Museum routine. It falls into three sections- a) Some general observations b) Additions to the Tasmanian List c) Descriptions of a new species of Galaxias and a new species of Aristichthys. 
A new species of mudfish, Neochanna (Teleostei: Galaxiidae), from northern New Zealand
A new species of mudfish, Neochanna, is described from Northland and is known from only three ephemeral wetland sites on the Kerikeri volcanic plateau and is abundant only at the type locality. Expand
The Chatham Islands endemic galaxiid: A Neochanna mudfish (Teleostei: Galaxiidae)
Re‐examination of specimens of the endemic galaxiid from Lake Tuku a Taupo, Chatham Islands, and of specimens recently collected from the nearby Lake Rakeinui, suggests that fish from the two lakes are conspecific, and that they belong in the mudfish genus Neochanna. Expand
First finding of a juvenile of the streamer fish Agrostichthys parkeri (Regalecidae) near the Walvis Ridge (southern Atlantic)
608 The streamer fish Agrostichthys parkeri (Benham, 1904) is a very rare species known from notal waters of all oceans. Its findings are solitary specimens, which are, as a rule, in a poor conditionExpand