Observations on a new non-invasive monitor of skin blood flow.

  title={Observations on a new non-invasive monitor of skin blood flow.},
  author={J Robert S Hales and F R Stephens and Alan A. Fawcett and K. Daniel and Jerome Sheahan and R. A. Westerman and S. B. James},
  journal={Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology},
  volume={16 5},
1. A 'tissue perfusion monitor' (TPM) to non-invasively provide an index of skin blood flow (SkBF) has been developed; it employs photoelectric plethysmographic principles to measure changes in the nett flux of red blood cells in superficial microvasculature. 2. The 'tissue perfusion index' (TPI) varies in proportion to SkBF, provided local haemoglobin concentration does not change significantly. TPI of humans and experimental animals has been shown to indicate reliably, well established… CONTINUE READING