Observations of spatiotemporal instabilities in the strong-driving regime of an AC-driven nonlinear Schr\"odinger system

  title={Observations of spatiotemporal instabilities in the strong-driving regime of an AC-driven nonlinear Schr\"odinger system},
  author={Miles M. Anderson and F. Leo and St{\'e}phane Coen and Miro Erkintalo and Stuart G. Murdoch},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
Localized dissipative structures (LDS) have been predicted to display a rich array of instabilities, yet systematic experimental studies have remained scarce. We have used a synchronously-driven optical fiber ring resonator to experimentally study LDS instabilities in the strong-driving regime of the AC-driven nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (also known as the Lugiato-Lefever model). Through continuous variation of a single control parameter, we have observed a string of theoretically… 

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