Observations of Mkn 421 in 2004 with HESS at large zenith angles

  title={Observations of Mkn 421 in 2004 with HESS at large zenith angles},
  author={Felix A. Aharonian and A. G. Akhperjanian and K T Aye and A. R. Bazer-Bachi and Matthias Beilicke and Wystan Benbow and D. van de Berge and Patrick Berghaus and Konrad Bernl{\"o}hr and Catherine Boisson and O. Bolz and Ingo Braun and Frank Breitling and Anthony M. Brown and J. Buss{\'o}ns Gordo and Paula M. Chadwick and L. M. Chounet and R. Cornils and Luigi Costamante and Bernard Degrange and A. Djannati-Ata{\"i} and L. O’C. Drury and Guillaume Dubus and D. Emmanoulopoulos and P. Espigat and F I Feinstein and Pierre Fleury and Gerard Fontaine and Ya{\"e}l Fuchs and Seb. Funk and Yves A. Gallant and Berrie Giebels and Stefan Gillessen and J. F. Glicenstein and Philippe Goret and Constantinos Hadjichristidis and Marcus Hauser and G{\"o}tz Heinzelmann and Gilles Henri and German Hermann and Jeremy A Hinton and Werner Hofmann and Max Holleran and Dieter Horns and Ocker C. de Jager and Bruno Kh{\'e}lifi and Nu. Komin and Alexander K. Konopelko and Isabelle Latham and R. Le Gallou and Arnaud Lemi{\`e}re and M. Laura Lemoine and Nicolas Leroy and T. Lohse and Alexandre Marcowith and Claire Masterson and T. J. L. McComb and Mathieu de Naurois and Sam J. Nolan and Antonis Noutsos and Keith Orford and Juliet L Osborne and Mohamed Ouchrif and M. Panter and Guy Pelletier and Samuel Pita and Gerd. Puehlhofer and M ichael Punch and Britt Raubenheimer and Martin Raue and Julien Raux and Sandra Rayner and Ignacio Redondo and Anita Reimer and Olaf Reimer and Joachim Ripken and Lynn W Rob and Lucie Rolland and Gavin P. Rowell and Vatche Sahakian and Ludovic Sauge and Spencer Schlenker and Reinhard Schlickeiser and Cosima Schuster and Ullrich Schwanke and Mark Siewert and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Sol and R. Steenkamp and Ch. Stegmann and J. P. Tavernet and R{\'e}gis Terrier and C. G. Th{\'e}oret and Martin Tluczykont and G. Vasileiadis and Christo Venter and P F Vincent and Heinrich J. V{\"o}lk and Stefan Wagner},
Mkn 421 was observed during a high flux state for nine nights in April and May 2004 with the fully operational High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) in Namibia. The observations were carried out at zenith angles of 60◦–65◦, which result in an average energy threshold of 1.5 TeV and a collection area reaching 2 km2 at 10 TeV. Roughly 7000 photons from Mkn 421 were accumulated with an average gamma-ray rate of 8 photons/min. The overall significance of the detection exceeds 100 standard… CONTINUE READING


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