Observational limits on patchy reionization: Implications for B modes

  title={Observational limits on patchy reionization: Implications for B modes},
  author={Michael J. Mortonson and Wayne Hu},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • Michael J. Mortonson, Wayne Hu
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • The recent detection of secondary CMB anisotropy by the South Pole Telescope limits temperature fluctuations from the optical depth-modulated Doppler effect to ${T}_{3000}l\sqrt{13}\ensuremath{\mu}\mathrm{K}$ at multipoles $\ensuremath{\ell}\ensuremath{\sim}3000$. This bound is the first empirical constraint on optical depth fluctuations at arcminute scales, ${\ensuremath{\tau}}_{3000}=0.001{T}_{3000}/\ensuremath{\mu}\mathrm{K}$, implying that these fluctuations are no more than a few percent… CONTINUE READING

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    Two-dimensional Topology of Cosmological Reionization