Observational Invariance

  title={Observational Invariance},
  author={Carl R. Kordig},
  journal={Philosophy of Science},
  pages={558 - 569}
  • Carl R. Kordig
  • Published 1 December 1973
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
In [1] George Gale and Edward Walter criticize two of my recent articles on the relation of observation to theory in science ([3], [4]; cf. also [5]). My reply here has three parts. In the first I defend my own position against their criticisms. In the second I show that they are unsuccessful in defending Hanson's view against my criticism. In the third I establish that their own contributions to the issue are neither tenable nor coherent. 

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Kordig and the Theory-Ladenness of Observation

In a series of articles, the most extensive of which are [9] and [10], Carl R. Kordig has attacked the "new empiricism" of the late Norwood R. Hanson, P. K. Feyerabend, Thomas S. Kuhn, and Stephen E.

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