Observational Cosmology: caveats and open questions in the standard model

  title={Observational Cosmology: caveats and open questions in the standard model},
  author={Martin Lopez-Corredoira},
I will review some results of observational cosmology which critically cast doubt upon the foundations of the standard cosmology: 1) The redshifts of the galaxies are due to the expansion of the Universe; 2) The cosmic microwave background radiation and its anisotropies come from the high energy primordial Universe; 3) The abundance pattern of the light elements is to be explained in terms of the primordial nucleosynthesis; 4) The formation and evolution of galaxies can only be explained in… CONTINUE READING


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Proceedings of the 3 rd International Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter

N. W. Evans
  • World Scientific
  • 2001

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