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Observation on the Osteology of Atropus atropus,with other Carangidaes

  title={Observation on the Osteology of Atropus atropus,with other Carangidaes},
  author={Li Zhong-hui},
  journal={Journal of Henan Normal University},
  • Li Zhong-hui
  • Published 2011
  • Biology
  • Journal of Henan Normal University
  • The skeleton system of Atropus atropus and other carangidaes,such as: Decapterus maruadsi,Caranx(Longirostrum) delicatissimus,Caranx(Atula) mate and Caranx(Citula) talanparoides are described.These fishes were collected in Shenzhen from Nov.1998 to Aug.2004.The results reveal that obvious differences exist among them in following aspects:(1)Neurocranium: there are many bones of neurocranium of them which are different,such as: supraethmoid,lateral ethmoid,vomer,frontal,infraorbital bones… CONTINUE READING