Observation of twin-beam-type quantum correlation in optical fiber.

  title={Observation of twin-beam-type quantum correlation in optical fiber.},
  author={Jay E. Sharping and Marco Fiorentino and Prem Kumar},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={26 6},
We report generation of pulsed twin beams of light through optical parametric amplification in a fiber Sagnac loop. By pumping the Sagnac loop with picosecond pulses at a wavelength near the zero-dispersion wavelength of the fiber, we achieve phase-matched nondegenerate four-wave mixing with gain. For a gain of 2.2, the intensity noises of the amplified signal and the generated idler (conjugate) pulses are found to be correlated by 5.0 dB, and the subtracted noise drops below the shot-noise… CONTINUE READING
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