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Observation of the Topologically Originated Edge States in large-gap Quasi-One-Dimensional a-Bi$_4$Br$_4$

  title={Observation of the Topologically Originated Edge States in large-gap Quasi-One-Dimensional a-Bi\$\_4\$Br\$\_4\$},
  author={Pengcheng Mao and Maoyuan Wang and Da-Shuai Ma and Dong-yun Chen and Cheng-cheng Liu and Xiang Li and Jingchuan Zheng and Yongkai Li and Huixia Yang and Qinsheng Wang and Junxi Duan and Jie Ma and Yuanchang Li and Hailong Chen and Zhi Xu and Shuang Jia and Junfeng Han and Wende Xiao and Yugui Yao},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Two-dimensional topological insulator features time-reversal-invariant spin-momentum-locked one-dimensional (1D) edge states with a linear energy dispersion. However, experimental access to 1D edge states is still of great challenge and only limited to few techniques to date. Here, by using infrared absorption spectroscopy, we observed robust topologically originated edge states in a-Bi4Br4 belts with definitive signature of strong infrared absorption at belt sides and distinct anisotropy with… 
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