Observation of rho/omega meson modification in nuclear matter.

  title={Observation of rho/omega meson modification in nuclear matter.},
  author={Kyoichiro Ozawa and H En'yo and Hideharu Funahashi and Masataka Kitaguchi and Mayumi Ishino and Hiroki Kanda and Satoshi Mihara and T. Miyashita and Toshio Murakami and R. Muto and Megumi Naruki and Fumi Sakuma and Hideomi Sato and Tsuguchika Tabaru and Shoichi Yamada and Satoshi Yokkaichi and Yasuo Yoshimura and J. Chiba and M. Ieiri and Masaharu Nomachi and O. Sasaki and Michiko Sekimoto and Koichiro Tanaka and Hideki Hamagaki},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={86 22},
We measured the invariant mass spectra of electron-positron pairs in the target rapidity region of 12-GeV p+A reactions. We have observed a significant difference in the mass spectra below the omega meson between p+C and p+Cu interactions. This difference indicates that the spectral shape of mesons is modified at normal nuclear-matter density. 

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