Observation of quantum interference in molecular charge transport.

  title={Observation of quantum interference in molecular charge transport.},
  author={Constant M Gu{\'e}don and Hennie Valkenier and Troels Thygesen Markussen and Kristian Sommer Thygesen and J. C. Hummelen and Sense Jan van der Molen},
  journal={Nature nanotechnology},
  volume={7 5},
As the dimensions of a conductor approach the nanoscale, quantum effects begin to dominate, and it becomes possible to control the conductance through direct manipulation of the electron wavefunction. Such control has been demonstrated in various mesoscopic devices at cryogenic temperatures, but it has proved to be difficult to exert control over the wavefunction at higher temperatures. Molecules have typical energy level spacings (∼eV) that are much larger than the thermal energy at 300 K (∼25… CONTINUE READING
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