Observation of perceived exertion in children using the OMNI pictorial scale.

  title={Observation of perceived exertion in children using the OMNI pictorial scale.},
  author={R. J. Robertson and Fredric Lee Goss and Deborah J Aaron and Kate A Tessmer and Anjuli Gairola and Jamie J Ghigiarelli and Ruth A Kowallis and Savitha J Thekkada and Ying Yu Liu and Colby R Randall and Kim A Weary},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={38 1},
PURPOSE Concurrent and construct validity of a kinematic exertional observation procedure was examined for 10- to 14-yr-old female (N = 22) and male (N = 22) healthy children. METHODS A load-incremented treadmill test protocol employing speed/grade changes every 3 min was used. RPE for the overall body (RPE-Overall), legs (RPE-Legs), and chest (RPE-Chest) were simultaneously estimated by an independent observer and self-rated by a subject during each treadmill stage using the Children's OMNI… CONTINUE READING


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