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Observation of neutrals carrying ion-acoustic wave momentum in partially ionized plasma

  title={Observation of neutrals carrying ion-acoustic wave momentum in partially ionized plasma},
  author={Meenakshee Sharma and A. D. Patel and Zubin Shaikh and Narayanan Ramasubramanian and Rajaraman Ganesh and Pranab K. Chattopadhayay and Y. C. Saxena},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
An experimental study of Ion Acoustic (IA) wave propagation is performed to investigate the effect of neutral density for argon plasma in an unmagnetized linear plasma device. The neutral density is varied by changing the neutral pressure, which in turn allows the change in ion-neutral, and electron-neutral collision mean free path. The collisions of plasma species with neutrals are found to modify the IA wave characteristics such as the wave amplitude, velocity, and propagation length. Unlike… 

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