Observation of inverse Compton emission from a long γ-ray burst

  title={Observation of inverse Compton emission from a long γ-ray burst},
  author={V. A. Acciari and S. Ansoldi and L. A. Antonelli and A. Engels and D. Baack and A. Babi{\vc} and B. Banerjee and U. Almeida and J. Barrio and J. Gonz{\'a}lez and W. Bednarek and L. Bellizzi and E. Bernardini and A. Berti and J. Besenrieder and W. Bhattacharyya and C. Bigongiari and A. Biland and O. Blanch and G. Bonnoli and Ž. Bo{\vs}njak and G. Busetto and R. Carosi and G. Ceribella and Y. Chai and A. Chilingaryan and S. Cikota and S. M. Colak and U. Colin and E. Colombo and J. Contreras and J. Cortina and S. Covino and V. D'Elia and P. D. Vela and F. Dazzi and A. Angelis and B. D. Lotto and M. Delfino and J. Delgado and D. Depaoli and F. Pierro and L. Venere and E. Espi{\~n}eira and D. D. Prester and A. Donini and D. Dorner and M. Doro and D. Elsaesser and V. F. Ramazani and A. Fattorini and G. Ferrara and D. Fidalgo and L. Foffano and M. Fonseca and L. Font and C. Fruck and S. Fukami and R. J. L{\'o}pez and M. Garczarczyk and S. Gasparyan and M. Gaug and N. Giglietto and F. Giordano and N. Godinovic and D. Green and D. Guberman and D. Hadasch and A. Hahn and J. Herrera and J. Hoang and D. Hrupec and M. Huetten and T. Inada and S. Inoue and K. Ishio and Y. Iwamura and L. Jouvin and D. Kerszberg and H. Kubo and J. Kushida and A. Lamastra and D. Lelas and F. Leone and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and F. Longo and M. L{\'o}pez and R. L{\'o}pez-Coto and A. L'opez-Oramas and S. Loporchio and B. Fraga and C. Maggio and P. Majumdar and M. Makariev and M. Mallamaci and G. Maneva and M. Manganaro and K. Mannheim and L. Maraschi and M. Mariotti and M. Mart́ınez and D. Mazin and S. Micanovic and D. Miceli and M. Minev and J. Miranda and R. Mirzoyan and E. Molina and A. Moralejo and D. Morcuende and V. Moreno and E. Moretti and P. Munar-Adrover and V. Neustroev and C. Nigro and K. Nilsson and D. Ninci and K. Nishijima and K. Noda and L. Nogu{\'e}s and S. Nozaki and S. Paiano and M. Palatiello and D. Paneque and R. Paoletti and J. M. Paredes and P. Pe{\~n}il and M. Peresano and M. Persic and P. G. P. Moroni and E. Prandini and I. Puljak and W. Rhode and M. Rib{\'o} and J. Rico and C. Righi and A. Rugliancich and L. Saha and N. Sahakyan and T. Saito and S. Sakurai and K. Satalecka and K. Schmidt and T. Schweizer and J. Sitarek and I. {\vS}nidari{\'c} and D. Sobczy'nska and A. Somero and A. Stamerra and D. Strom and M. Strzys and Y. Suda and T. Suri'c and M. Takahashi and F. Tavecchio and P. Temnikov and T. Terzi'c and M. Teshima and N. Torres-Alba and L. Tosti and V. Vagelli and J. V. Scherpenberg and G. Vanzo and M. Acosta and C. Vigorito and V. Vitale and I. Vovk and M. Will and D. Zari'c and L. Nava and P. Veres and P. Bhat and M. Briggs and W. Cleveland and R. Hamburg and C. M. Hui and B. Mailyan and R. Preece and O. Roberts and A. V. Kienlin and C. Wilson-Hodge and D. Kocevski and M. Arimoto and D. Tak and K. Asano and M. Axelsson and G. Barbiellini and E. Bissaldi and F. Dirirsa and R. Gill and J. Granot and J. McEnery and N. Omodei and S. Razzaque and F. Piron and J. Racusin and D. Thompson and S. Campana and M. Bernardini and N. Kuin and M. Siegel and S. B. Cenko and P. O'Brien and M. Capalbi and A. D’Aı̀ and M. D. Pasquale and J. Gropp and N. Klingler and J. Osborne and M. Perri and R. Starling and G. Tagliaferri and A. Tohuvavohu and A. Ursi and M. Tavani and M. Cardillo and C. Casentini and G. Piano and Y. Evangelista and F. Verrecchia and C. Pittori and F. Lucarelli and A. Bulgarelli and N. Parmiggiani and G. Anderson and J. Anderson and G. Bernardi and J. Bolmer and M. Caballero-Garc{\'i}a and I. M. Carrasco and A. Castell{\'o}n and N. C. Segura and A. Castro-Tirado and S. V. Cherukuri and A. M. Cockeram and P. D'Avanzo and A. D. Dato and R. Diretse and R. Fender and E. Fern{\'a}ndez-Garc{\'i}a and J. Fynbo and A. Fruchter and J. Greiner and M. Gromadzki and K. E. Heintz and I. Heywood and A. J. Horst and Y. Hu and C. Inserra and L. Izzo and V. Jaiswal and P. Jakobsson and J. Japelj and E. Kankare and D. Kann and C. Kouveliotou and S. Klose and A. Levan and X. Li and S. Lotti and K. Maguire and D. Malesani and I. Manulis and M. Marongiu and S. Martin and A. Melandri and M. J. Michałowski and J. Miller-Jones and K. Misra and A. Moin and K. Mooley and S. Nasri and M. Nicholl and A. Noschese and G. Novara and S. Pandey and E. Peretti and C. P. D. Pulgar and M. Perez-Torres and D. Perley and L. Piro and F. Ragosta and L. Resmi and R. Ricci and A. Rossi and R. S'anchez-Ram'irez and J. Selsing and S. Schulze and S. Smartt and I. Smith and V. N. Sokolov and J. Stevens and N. Tanvir and C. C. Th{\"o}ne and A. Tiengo and E. Tremou and E. Troja and A. U. Postigo and A. Valeev and S. Vergani and M. Wieringa and P. A. Woudt and D. Xu and O. Yaron and D. Young},
  • V. A. Acciari, S. Ansoldi, +303 authors D. Young
  • Published 2019
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Long-duration γ-ray bursts (GRBs) originate from ultra-relativistic jets launched from the collapsing cores of dying massive stars. They are characterized by an initial phase of bright and highly variable radiation in the kiloelectronvolt-to-megaelectronvolt band, which is probably produced within the jet and lasts from milliseconds to minutes, known as the prompt emission1,2. Subsequently, the interaction of the jet with the surrounding medium generates shock waves that are responsible for the… CONTINUE READING
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