Observation of elliptical rings in type-I spontaneous parametric downconversion

  title={Observation of elliptical rings in type-I spontaneous parametric downconversion},
  author={H. Guilbert and Yu-Po Wong and D. Gauthier},
  journal={Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics},
  • H. Guilbert, Yu-Po Wong, D. Gauthier
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics
  • We investigate the transverse spatial profile of downconverted light produced by noncollinear, degenerate, type-I spontaneous parametric downconversion in two types of nonlinear crystals. We find that the pattern produced by one crystal, beta barium borate (BBO), produces a circular downconversion pattern while the other crystal, bismuth triborate (BiBO), produces an elliptical pattern. We show this difference is due to the angle-independent refractive index experienced by the daughter photons… CONTINUE READING
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