Observation of electron velocity overshoot in sub-100-nm-channel MOSFET's in Silicon

  title={Observation of electron velocity overshoot in sub-100-nm-channel MOSFET's in Silicon},
  author={Stephen Y. Chou and Dimitri A. Antoniadis and H.I. Smith},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
n-channel MOSFET's with channel lengths from 75 nm to 5 µm were fabricated in Si using combined X-ray and optical lithographies, and were characterized at 300, 77, and 4.2 K. Average channel electron velocities υewere extracted according to the equation\upsilon_{e}=g_{mi}/C_{ox}, where gmiis the intrinsic transconductance and Coxis the capacitance of the gate oxide. We found that at 4.2 K the average electron velocity of a 75-nm-channel MOSFET is 1.7 × 107cm/s, which is 1.8 times higher than… Expand

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