Observation of discrete quadratic surface solitons.


We report the first observation of discrete quadratic surface solitons in self-focusing and defocusing periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide arrays. By operating on either side of the phase-matching condition and using the cascading nonlinearity, both in-phase and staggered discrete surface solitons were observed. This represents the first… (More)


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@article{Siviloglou2006ObservationOD, title={Observation of discrete quadratic surface solitons.}, author={Georgios A. Siviloglou and Konstantinos G. Makris and Robert Iwanow and Roland Schiek and Demetrios N. Christodoulides and George I. Stegeman and Yoohong Min and Wolfgang Sohler}, journal={Optics express}, year={2006}, volume={14 12}, pages={5508-16} }