Observation of bosonic coalescence and fermionic anti-coalescence with indistinguishable photons

  title={Observation of bosonic coalescence and fermionic anti-coalescence with indistinguishable photons},
  author={G. Adenier and Joakim Bergli and Andreas P. Th{\"o}rn and Arnt I. Vistnes},
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The symmetrization postulate asserts that the state of particular species of particles can only be of one permutation symmetry type: symmetric for bosons and antisymmetric for fermions. We report some experimental results showing that pairs of photons indistinguishable by all degrees of freedom can exhibit not only a bosonic behavior, as expected for photons, but also a surprisingly sharp fermionic behavior under speci c conditions. 

Frequency and phase relations of entangled photons observed by a two-photon interference experiment

An entangled photon experiment has been performed with a large variation of the temperature of the non-linear crystal generating the entangled pair by spontaneous downconversion. The photon pairs are

On the Foundations of Eurhythmic Physics: A Brief Non Technical Survey

Eurhythmic Physics is a new approach to describe physical systems, where the concepts of rhythm, synchronization, inter-relational influence and non-linear emergence stand out as major concepts. The

8×8 Programmable Quantum Photonic Processor based on Silicon Nitride Waveguides

Integrated universal linear optical networks are essential for the development of quantum information processing (QIP). We demonstrate a universal, reconfigurable, 8×8 photonic processor based on

Entangled photons and antibunching phenomena revisited on the basis of various models for light

At what level of energy does a classical experiment become quantum mechanical? Where does classical electromagnetic theory apply and where do we have to turn to quantum optics? Is there a sharp line



Quantum mechanics

Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists.By Howard E. Zimmerman. Pp. x + 215. (Academic: New York and London, May 1975.) $16.50; £7.90.


This review is the report of a single experimental protocol on the nature, structure and mechanical strength of 136 bone samples from the vertebral body of 9 subjects, which combined mechanical testing with density measurements, a study of some microarchitectural parameters and a biochemical analysis of bone collagen.

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Deposits of clastic carbonate-dominated (calciclastic) sedimentary slope systems in the rock record have been identified mostly as linearly-consistent carbonate apron deposits, even though most

An Introduction to Quantum Optics

Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Measurement of Light Electromagnetic Wave Theory of Light Classical Superposition Measurement of Light Intensity of Light: Expectation and Fluctuation Measurement of

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