Observation of bosonic coalescence and fermionic anti-coalescence with indistinguishable photons

  title={Observation of bosonic coalescence and fermionic anti-coalescence with indistinguishable photons},
  author={G. Adenier and Joakim Bergli and Andreas P. Th{\"o}rn and Arnt I. Vistnes},
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The symmetrization postulate asserts that the state of particular species of particles can only be of one permutation symmetry type: symmetric for bosons and antisymmetric for fermions. We report some experimental results showing that pairs of photons indistinguishable by all degrees of freedom can exhibit not only a bosonic behavior, as expected for photons, but also a surprisingly sharp fermionic behavior under speci c conditions. 

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Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists.By Howard E. Zimmerman. Pp. x + 215. (Academic: New York and London, May 1975.) $16.50; £7.90.

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This review is the report of a single experimental protocol on the nature, structure and mechanical strength of 136 bone samples from the vertebral body of 9 subjects, which combined mechanical testing with density measurements, a study of some microarchitectural parameters and a biochemical analysis of bone collagen.

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Deposits of clastic carbonate-dominated (calciclastic) sedimentary slope systems in the rock record have been identified mostly as linearly-consistent carbonate apron deposits, even though most

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