[Observation of adhering otitis media operation result].


OBJECTIVE To assessment result with multi-measures operation for adhering otitis media. METHODS A retrospective review of 108 cases (male 45, female 63), double ears 12, all was 120 ears. Of 20 ears had been radical operated for cholesteatoma some years ago. Of 46 ears had incorporate cholesteatoma now. Of 54 ears had only adhering in middle ear but no had been radical or incorporate cholesteatoma who underwent operation from January 1999 to May 2003 for chronic ear disease as well as ossiculoplasty with multi-technique measures (for example auto-bone cup-pole or gung-pole as total and partial ossicular replacement prostheses; scute rebuild by auto-bone; absorbable Metrogel; tympanic chorda nerve as a spring press prostheses etc) were used in operation, and were followed up mean (26.11 +/- 11.31) months (range 12 approximately 53 months). RESULTS One hundred and twenty ears mean AB gap was (38.60 +/- 12.70) dB pre-operation. It was (15.28 +/- 11.69) dB post-operation. Partnership t test, t = 21.24, t 0.01 = 2.60 < 21.24, P < 0.01. The air-bone gap (AB gap) closure to within 20 dB as succeed achieved in 70% (84 ears). AB gap closure in 10 dB as best result in 40% (48 ears). Air conduction was under 40 dB in 70% (83 ears). AB gap closure not enough 10 dB and Air conduction over 40 dB as no effect was 6% (7 ears) . CONCLUSIONS As long as technique measures is right, even though adhering middle ear had much difficult in operation, it still can gain succeed to 70%. But had still 30% no succeed, more study is necessary.

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