Observation of a prethermal discrete time crystal

  title={Observation of a prethermal discrete time crystal},
  author={A. Kyprianidis and Francisco Machado and W. Morong and Patrick Becker and K S Collins and Dominic V. Else and Lei Feng and Paul W Hess and C. Nayak and Guido Pagano and Norman Y. Yao and Christopher R. Monroe},
  pages={1192 - 1196}
Prethermal time crystal Characterizing and understanding different phases of matter in equilibrium is usually associated with the process of thermalization, where the system equilibrates. Recent efforts probing nonequilibrium systems have revealed that periodic driving of the system can suppress the natural tendency for equilibration yet still form new, nonequilibrium phases. Kyprianidis et al. used a quantum simulator composed of 25 trapped ion qubits and spins to observe such a nonequilibrium… 

Classical prethermal discrete time crystals

We demonstrate that the prethermal regime of periodically-driven, classical many-body systems can host non-equilibrium phases of matter. In particular, we show that there exists an effective

Route to Extend the Lifetime of a Discrete Time Crystal in a Finite Spin Chain without Disorder

Periodically driven (Floquet) systems are described by time-dependent Hamiltonians that possess discrete time translation symmetry. The spontaneous breaking of this symmetry leads to the emergence of

Suppression of heating by long-range interactions in periodically driven spin chains

We propose a mechanism to suppress heating in periodically driven many-body quantum systems by employing sufficiently long-range interactions and experimentally relevant initial conditions. The

Energy diffusion and absorption in chaotic systems with rapid periodic driving

The authors establish the diffusive evolution of energy in chaotic, ergodic Hamiltonian systems subject to rapid periodic driving, and connect this diffusion process to Floquet prethermalization,

Critical prethermal discrete time crystal created by two-frequency driving

We report the observation of long-lived Floquet prethermal discrete time crystalline (PDTC) order in a three-dimensionalposition-disorderedlatticeofinteractingdipolar-coupled 13

Quantum and classical Floquet prethermalization

Time-periodic (Floquet) driving is a powerful way to control the dynamics of complex systems, which can be used to induce a plethora of new physical phenomena. However, when applied to many-body

Digital simulation of non-Abelian anyons with 68 programmable superconducting qubits

Non-Abelian anyons are exotic quasiparticle excitations hosted by certain topological phases of matter 2]. They break the fermion-boson dichotomy and obey non-Abelian braiding statistics [3–5]: their

Hilbert space fragmentation and interaction-induced localization in the extended Fermi-Hubbard model

We study Hilbert space fragmentation in the extended Fermi-Hubbard model with nearest and next-nearest-neighbor interactions. Using a generalized spin/mover picture and saddle point meth-ods, we

Prethermalization and the local robustness of gapped systems

We prove that prethermalization is a generic property of gapped local many-body quantum systems, subjected to small perturbations, in any spatial dimension. More precisely, let H 0 be a Hamiltonian,



A Brief History of Time Crystals.

The idea of breaking time-translation symmetry has fascinated humanity at least since ancient proposals of the perpetuum mobile. Unlike the breaking of other symmetries, such as spatial translation

Programmable quantum simulations of spin systems with trapped ions

Author(s): Monroe, C; Campbell, WC; Duan, LM; Gong, ZX; Gorshkov, AV; Hess, PW; Islam, R; Kim, K; Linke, NM; Pagano, G; Richerme, P; Senko, C; Yao, NY | Abstract: Laser-cooled and trapped atomic ions

Quantum metrology based on strongly correlated matter

We propose and analyze a new method for quantum metrology based on stable non-equilibrium states of quantum matter. Our approach utilizes quantum correlations stabilized by strong interactions and

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Annual review of condensed matter physics

The Theory of Phase Transitions

THE only phase transitions which up to the present time have been thoroughly investigated are transitions between the liquid and gaseous states. As regards transitions between liquids and crystals or


  • T. Mckeown
  • Engineering
    The Mathematics of Fluid Flow Through Porous Media
  • 2021
: This work presents a novel zero in-plane Poisson’s ratio honeycomb design for large out-of-plane deformations and morphing. The novel honeycomb topology is composed by two parts that provide