Observation of a generalized bunching effect of six photons.

  title={Observation of a generalized bunching effect of six photons.},
  author={Xiao-ling Niu and Yan-Xiao Gong and Bi-Heng Liu and Yun-Feng Huang and Guang-Can Guo and Zhe Yu Ou},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={34 9},
When photons are indistinguishably in the same temporal mode, their detection probability is greatly enhanced due to constructive multiphoton interference, as compared to the case when they are distinguishable. We observed for what is believed to be the first time such a photon bunching effect for six photons. The observed enhancement factor in six-photon coincidence measurement is 17+/-2, which is close to a factor of 20 for an ideal case. Our result confirms that the six photons that we… CONTINUE READING

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