Observation of a discrete time crystal

  title={Observation of a discrete time crystal},
  author={Jie Zhang and Paul W Hess and Alexandros-Charalampos Kyprianidis and Peter Becker and Aaron S. Lee and Jacob K. Smith and Guido Pagano and I.-D. Potirniche and Andrew C. Potter and Ashvin Vishwanath and Norman Y. Yao and Christopher A. Monroe},
Spontaneous symmetry breaking is a fundamental concept in many areas of physics, including cosmology, particle physics and condensed matter. An example is the breaking of spatial translational symmetry, which underlies the formation of crystals and the phase transition from liquid to solid. Using the analogy of crystals in space, the breaking of translational symmetry in time and the emergence of a ‘time crystal’ was recently proposed, but was later shown to be forbidden in thermal equilibrium… CONTINUE READING

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