Observation of a charged charmoniumlike structure in e+ e- → (D* D*)± π∓ at √s = 4.26  GeV.

  title={Observation of a charged charmoniumlike structure in e+ e- → (D* D*)± π∓ at √s = 4.26  GeV.},
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  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={112 13},
  • M. Ablikim, M. Achasov, +357 authors J. H. Zou
  • Published 2014
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • We study the process e+ e- →(D* D*)± π∓ at a center-of-mass energy of 4.26 GeV using a 827  pb(-1) data sample obtained with the BESIII detector at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider. Based on a partial reconstruction technique, the Born cross section is measured to be (137±9±15)  pb. We observe a structure near the (D* D*)± threshold in the π∓ recoil mass spectrum, which we denote as the Zc±(4025). The measured mass and width of the structure are (4026.3±2.6±3.7)  MeV/c2 and (24.8±5.6±7.7… CONTINUE READING


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