Observation of a Broad L=1 $c\bar{q}$ State in $B^{-}\to D^{*+}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}$ at CLEO

  title={Observation of a Broad L=1 \$c\bar\{q\}\$ State in \$B^\{-\}\to D^\{*+\}\pi^\{-\}\pi^\{-\}\$ at CLEO},
  author={S. Anderson and et al. and Cleo collaboration},
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Heavy Flavour Hadron Spectroscopy: Challenges and Future Prospects

During the last few years, wealth of new experimental results in the heavy flavor hadron sector has become available. The diversity, quantity and accuracy of the data are impressive and include many


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For more details on the fit parameterization, see the conference contribution by Jorge L. Rodriquez, Hadronic Decays of Beauty and Charm at CLEO, Heavy Quarks at Fixed Targets