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Observation of Sperm Motility in Siberian Char(Salvelinus leucomaenis)

  title={Observation of Sperm Motility in Siberian Char(Salvelinus leucomaenis)},
  author={Xu Ge},
  • X. Ge
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
The sperm motility of Siberian char(Salvelinus leucomaenis) was observed in the semen activated by activators water or BSS.The results showed that the rapid movement time of A and B degrees was 34.83±2.15 s and 36.70±3.26 s,respectively.The life span of the spermatozoa was shown to be 120.26±5.75s when the semen activated by water and 117.45±4.33s when activated by BSS,with activating ratio of more than 98%.BSS was found to have a better performance on activating than water.There was a negative…