Observation of Seasonal Changes of Selected Hematological Parameters in Trachemys Spp.

  title={Observation of Seasonal Changes of Selected Hematological Parameters in Trachemys Spp.},
  author={E. Novovesk{\'y} and M. Halan},
  journal={Folia Veterinaria},
  pages={46 - 53}
Abstract This study focused on observation of seasonal changes of selected haematological parameters in Trachemys spp. The experiment involved 6 turtles of the same species and approximately the same size. From September 2017 to December 2018 on a monthly basis, the samples of turtle blood were collected and blood smears were made, which were subsequently evaluated by the light microscopy. During the period of observation, we focused on the changes in the percentage of individual types of cells… Expand


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