Observation of Quantum Criticality and Luttinger Liquid in One-dimensional Bose Gases

  title={Observation of Quantum Criticality and Luttinger Liquid in One-dimensional Bose Gases},
  author={Bingda Yang and Yang-Yang Chen and Yong-Guang Zheng and Hui Sun and Han-Ning Dai and Xiwen Guan and Zhen-Sheng Yuan and Jian-Wei Pan},
We experimentally investigate the quantum criticality and Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL) behavior within one-dimensional (1D) ultracold atomic gases. Based on the measured density profiles at different temperatures, the universal scaling laws of thermodynamic quantities are observed. The quantum critical regime and the relevant crossover temperatures are determined through the double-peak structure of the specific heat. In the TLL regime, we obtain the Luttinger parameter by probing sound… Expand

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