Observation of New States Decaying into $\Lambda_c^+ K^-\pi^+$ and $\Lambda_c^+ K^0_S\pi^-$

  title={Observation of New States Decaying into \$\Lambda_c^+ K^-\pi^+\$ and \$\Lambda_c^+ K^0_S\pi^-\$},
  author={R.Chistov and E. al and for the Belle collaboration},
We report the first observation of two charmed strange baryons that decay into $\Lambda_c^+ K^-\pi^+$. The broader of the two states is measured to have a mass of $2978.5\pm 2.1\pm 2.0$ MeV/$c^2$ and a width of $43.5\pm 7.5\pm 7.0$ MeV/$c^2$. The mass and width of the narrow state are measured to be $3076.7\pm 0.9\pm 0.5$ MeV/$c^2$ and $6.2\pm 1.2\pm 0.8$ MeV/$c^2$, respectively. We also perform a search for the isospin partner states that decay into $\Lambda_c^+ K_S^0\pi^-$ and observe a… CONTINUE READING
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