Observation of Large Orbital Scissors Strength in Actinides

  title={Observation of Large Orbital Scissors Strength in Actinides},
  author={M. Guttormsen and L. Bernstein and A. B{\"u}rger and A. G{\"o}rgen and F. Gunsing and T. Hagen and A. Larsen and T. Renstr{\o}m and S. Siem and M. Wiedeking and J. Wilson},
  journal={Acta Physica Polonica B},
The M1-scissors resonance (SR) has been measured for the first time in the quasi-continuum of actinides. Particle-\gamma coincidences are recorded with deuteron and 3He induced reactions on 232Th. An unexpectedly strong integrated strength of BM1 = 11-15 \mu n2 is measured in the E\gamma = 1.0-3.5 MeV region. The increased \gamma-decay probability due to the scissors mode is important for cross-section calculations for future fuel cycles of fast nuclear reactors and may also have impact on… Expand
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