Observation of In-Plane Quantum Griffiths Singularity in Two-Dimensional Crystalline Superconductors.

  title={Observation of In-Plane Quantum Griffiths Singularity in Two-Dimensional Crystalline Superconductors.},
  author={Yi Liu and S. R. Qi and Jingchao Fang and Jian Sun and Chong Liu and Yanzhao Liu and Junjie Qi and Ying Xing and Haiwen Liu and Xi Lin and Lili Wang and Qi-Kun Xue and X. C. Xie and Jian Wang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={127 13},
  • Yi Liu, S. Qi, +11 authors Jian Wang
  • Published 31 October 2020
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review letters
Quantum Griffiths singularity (QGS) reveals the profound influence of quenched disorder on the quantum phase transitions, characterized by the divergence of the dynamical critical exponent at the boundary of the vortex glasslike phase, named as quantum Griffiths phase. However, in the absence of vortices, whether the QGS can exist under a parallel magnetic field remains a puzzle. Here, we study the magnetic field induced superconductor-metal transition in ultrathin crystalline PdTe_{2} films… 
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