Observation of B{0}-->ppK*0 with a large K*0 polarization.


Using a 492 fb{-1} data sample collected near the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e{+}e{-} collider, we observe the decay B{0}-->ppK*0 with a branching fraction of (1.18{-0.25}{+0.29}(stat)+/-0.11(syst))x10{-6}. We study the decay dynamics of B{0}-->ppK*0 and compare with B{+}-->ppK*+. The K*0 meson is found to be almost 100% polarized (with a fraction of (101+/-13+/-3)% in the helicity zero state), while the K*+ meson has a (32+/-17+/-9)% fraction in the helicity zero state. The direct CP asymmetries for B{0}-->ppK*0 and B{+}-->ppK*+ are measured to be -0.08+/-0.20+/-0.02 and -0.01+/-0.19+/-0.02, respectively. In addition, we report improved measurements of the branching fractions B(B{+}-->ppK*+)=(3.38{-0.60}{+0.73}+/-0.39)x10{-6} and B(B{0}-->ppK{0})=(2.51{-0.29}{+0.35}+/-0.21)x10{-6}, which supersede our previous measurements.

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