Observation of B ! K 0 and Evidence for B ! K

  title={Observation of B ! K 0 and Evidence for B ! K},
  author={E. A. Eckhart and K. K. Gan and Chilhyeun Gwon and Tracey Hart and Klaus Honscheid and Dirk Hufnagel and Harris Kagan and Robert Kass and T. K. Pedlar and Jana B. Thayer and Eckhard von Toerne and T. Wilksen and M. Zoeller and Hiroyuki Muramatsu and Sj J. Richichi and Horst Severini and Patrick Skubic and S. A. Dytman and J{\"o}rn M{\"u}ller and Sang Kyun Nam and Victor P. Savinov and Sk Chen and J. S. H. Lee and Dennis H. Miller and Victor Evgenjevich Pavlunin and Edward I. Shibata and Ian P. J. Shipsey and Daniel P Cronin-Hennessy and Adam Leonard Lyon and Edward L. Thorndike and Thomas E. Coan and Y. S. Gao and F. Liu and Yurii Maravin and Ryszard Stroynowski and Marina Artuso and Chaouki Boulahouache and Kirill Bukin and E. Dambasuren and K. Khroustalev and Raja Nandakumar and T. Skwarnicki and Sheldon Stone and Jr-hung Wang and Ahmed Hassan Mahmood and S. E. Csorna and Istv{\'a}n Dank{\'o} and Giovanni Bonvicini and David Anthony Cinabro and Michael Dubrovin and Se{\'a}n McGee and Adolf Bornheim and Elliot David Lipeles and Stephen Peter Pappas and Alan Shapiro and Werner Man-Li Sun and A. J. R. Weinstein and Rajat Mahapatra and Roy Anthony Briere and Guo Peng Chen and Timothy Ferguson and G. T. Tatishvili and Helmut Vogel and Nowaczyk Adam and Karl Berkelman and Veronique Boisvert and D. G. Cassel and Persis S. Drell and H. von der Schmitt and Karl Matthew Ecklund and R. Ehrlich and Luke J. Gibbons and B. Gittelman},
We report on a search for charmless hadronic B decays to the three-body final states K(0)(S)h(+)pi(-), K(+)h(-)pi(0), K(0)(S)h(+)pi(0) (h(+/-) denotes a charged pion or kaon), and their charge conjugates, using 13.5 fb(-1) of integrated luminosity produced near sqrt[s]=10.6 GeV, and collected with the CLEO detector. We observe the decay B-->K0pi(+)pi(-) with a branching fraction (50(+10)(-9)(stat.)+/-7(syst.))x10(-6) and the decay B-->K(*+)(892)pi(-) with a branching fraction (16(+6)(-5)(stat… CONTINUE READING